rain boots, huge mark up :O

  1. Probably because some don't know how much they retail for (or can't get them shipped to where they live) and expect to pay around that much. Naturalgasgirl buys things and marks them up- (she has lots of sold out Louboutins, Manolos that are marked up hundreds as well) she probably thinks that these will (and they probably will) sell out and then demand will grow for them making people shell out for them at any cost. I wouldn't be suprised if they sell.

    My opinion anyway....
  2. wooza! Just saw these today at NM. Cute at retail, not so cute at that price :smile:
  3. I just ordered mine from Nordstroms, the SA said if they have couple pairs left still, and if they dont' have my size they can order for me. So there is no need to pay over retail if you live in USA :p
  4. I just purchased from Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills yesterday - they had every size available. I'm sure the number is on their website if you want to order! I also saw them in Saks Beverly Hills (not sure of sizes) if you want to order from there.
  5. I just saw those listings today, I can't get over it its like 3 times the retail price, they're around 200 something right?
  6. I believe they are $280
  7. wonder if anyone is going to buy them..
  8. :wtf: i am selling mine on ebay...kidding!