Rain and the Coffer.

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  1. Right, so I live in Florida...notorious for the afternoon rainstorms. I'm kind of annoyed because I've been avoiding using my beautiful red coffer due to this.

    I'm afraid of getting water stains on it, obviously!

    Has anyone ever treated their leather coffer for protection against the rain?
    Suggestions? I want to use her so badly. :sad:

  2. lol. I live in england! also notorious for bonkers rain.
    I haven't treated my daily-use coffer at all and the leather is still fine... :tup: I of course wouldn't swing her around in the rain, I keep her with me underneath the umbrella. =)
  3. One if my friends live in Singapore, a humid country notorious for its rainstorms. She swore that her black lambskin coffer is still pristine despite being caught in the rain a couple times.

    I would just bring a little plastic bag (so ghetto...I know) in your coffer and whip it out when it rains. Or a soft cloth to wipe your bag down immediately after a downpour.

    I would be very careful with the light colored lambskin coffers since water marks may show. The new distressed leather should also be pretty sturdy and a few raindrops wouldn't hurt them!
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. :smile: