Rain and different leathers/colors

  1. So, who here has had their H bag rained on? Which leather and color was it and what was the outcome?
  2. this will be intesting and good to know!
  3. Hadn't happened to me, but i have seen a lady spilling drinks on her ostrich Hermes bag. THe bag was COMPLETELY soaked (and let me tell you, the drink has COLOR!). But guess what? 15 minutes later the bag was dry and I couldn't see any spots.

    Yes, I was stealing glances at the restaurant at the bag...
  4. ostrich is great in the rain. I've gotten rain drops on my rouge H togo (not a downpoor) and it was fine after I wiped it with a cloth.
  5. rain, hail, snow, hand lotion, unidentified chemical lubricant for a bike, and general nyc life has landed on my bag. raisin clemence. looks perfect.
  6. ^^ LOL! Go raisin clemence!
  7. no kidding.
    talk about worth-every-penny.
  8. Wow HH!! That's impressive - I have had rain and snow on my ostrich and agree....nothing! Actually it's supposed to rain tomorrow and am going to Boston and thought about bringing it...but am bringing my bolide instead....in chevre - which I feel is very durable - actually I think most are....I think box leather has been one to worry some in the rain?
  9. i've had piping hot mocha splashed on my etoupe clemence (barista newbie). it was fine after i wiped it off.
  10. oh wow, i didn't even like reading about that. adding a temperature to the whole equation is taking it to another level. piping hot mocha :wtf:

    is fjord as tough as clemence? does anyone know?
  11. I've heard fjord is the toughest leather...actually considered water resistant, I believe. Fjord is lovely...I think it's becoming one of my favorite leathers.
  12. ah. i thought that was chevre - that it was the toughest.
    if it's fjord, cool.
  13. I have found on occasions coffee stains on my Fjord birkin and have been able to clean it with water without problems. I guess it is quite resistant. Great for me cuz I am clumsy.
  14. I thought ostrich was the toughest?
  15. Good to know..My Hac is Fjord.:smile: