Rain and a Mono Speedy?

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  1. I'm close to buying a mono speedy 30, but was looking out of the window, and it's raining:cry: .
    I need to be able to carry a bag like that everywhere, even in the rain. I know a lot of you ladies don't like to carry your speedy in the rain, but what is the worst case scenario if I do?
  2. The vachetta leather handles will get water spots on them if it carried in the rain. Maybe wait for the damier speedy if rain bothers you?
  3. I agree....if it rains alot where you live, go for the damier.
  4. Perhaps if its going to be a daily bag you might want to purcahsed a used one.. Even though its used you can still use spray portector to help any further spotting.
    This why you wont feel so guilty about the weather abuse this bag is going to take. the bag itself will get you thought many many years.

  5. I obsessively protect my speedy 30 from the rain!

    One night when I went to the grocery store...it was not raining outside and then, by the time I left it had started to drizzle...would you believe that I grabbed a plastic grocery bag and wrapped up my speedy, set it under my t-shirt and ran outside to my jeep???!?! My husband thought I was crazy!! But I love my Louie...and I hate how ugly the water stains look.

    sorry for the lengthy anecdote....
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  6. Shining monkey works great against preventing all water stains. Once you spray the vachetta with the shining monkey, all the water slides right off! It's worth the 15 or so dollars it is, because you can be less protective over the bag once you spray it.
  7. If I sprayed the spray, would it ruin a future patina or affect it in any way, i.e. the coloring? Thanks!!:biggrin:

    I'd like to have a new speedy, and couldn't justify having a used and new Speedy 30, one for rain, one for sun!:lol: But thanks for the suggestion!
  8. It has been raining constantly here in San Jose.
    I treated my BH with Apple Garde, it has been rained on a few times, but there are no water spots on the Vachetta.
    I freaked out the first time, and was kicking myself for carrying it on a rainy day...but then I thought, I spent a nice chunk of change on this puppy, and I want to wear it without fear. The spray does not affect its ability to patina, that is caused by oxidation. HTH!
  9. i got caught in the rain with my new speedy a couple days ago. no spots at all thank goodness, but i don't feel like tempting fate again. she is on vacation until i can order some shining monkey. :smile: but i don't think a couple of spots are the worst thing ever. i'd rather get my money's worth and not be afraid to carry it.
  10. Well then Shining Monkey is what I'll get! It doesn't even upset the leather at all? yay! :nuts: Where can i find it?
  11. Great suggestion, you took the words right out of my mouth!:nuts:
  12. shiningmonkey.net
  13. i say get the shining monkey spray.
  14. Is it the shining monkey fabric protector you guys are talking about?
  15. Yes it is