RAGE: Price increase for GRAFFITI?!

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  1. Hi there!

    Im not really a LV regular but when I heard about the graffiti being relaunched I got really excited so I went down to the store 2 weeks ago and asked my SA to put my name down on the waiting list. I got told they were 'very very very limited' (exact words) for some of the things. SA showed me the lookbook and the pricelist: (prices in British pound sterling)

    Graffiti Keepall 810GBP

    Graffiti Mini zippy coin 210GBP

    Graffiti Long zippy 380GBP

    But today when I browsed on the official website and found out that the prices for the Graffiti pieces are much higher:

    Graffiti Keepall 895GBP

    Graffiti Mini zippy coin 240GBP

    Graffiti Long zippy 420GBP

    I am totally raging! Is that the reason why they postponed the Graffiti? So that they will fall into the upcoming price increase?

  2. the USA site still shows $1610 for the keepall... I believe that was the original price...

  3. All prices in the Uk have been increades because of the weak pound against the euro. I bought a belt a few weeks back and it was GBP185 and the next day it was GBP210 :biggrin:
  4. Does that mean I will have to pay more when I get those Graffiti in Feb? I have had a copy of the reservation 2 weeks ago will this help? Sorry for being such a chancer but I think this is really annoying!
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    Hi, yes you will have to pay more, unless they took your money there is no way around this. Its really annoying that the pound is so low and LV has put the prices up so much.
  6. Wow the Keepall really went up! Your outrage is definitely understandable :yes:
  7. The pound is gaining again so I suppose countries using the Euro will have an increase now to balance, it goes on & on!
  8. This is not about prices but just a little note for you: Don't count on getting any call the on 2 feb. Though most LV-stores say they will put your name on the list for current items, they hardly will call you back (another thread is discussing this). Apparently they want a "fair game" getting these items.
    So my advice to you: Call the store the very same minute they open on 2 feb.

    But, as a quick reply about the prices if think the reason why they've increased the price is because the collection is SO limited. The store here in Denmark only get one keepall in each color just like they only get 3 or 4 wallets in each color
  9. lookbook prices have always been tentative/approximate.
  10. This happened here in Norway as well - the price I paid for my Roses Speedy was higher than the price I was quoted a couple of weeks ago. As others have said, it's because the Pound and Norwegian Kroner is week against the Euro. Not much that can be done about it...