Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans


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Jul 5, 2007
Can anyone tell me how Rag & Bone skinny jeans run?

TIA! :flowers:

I am always confused by the charts which list jeans/pants being TTS/tight/etc. I've never had much luck basing my purchases on these evaluations and wonder if it's based on the body type of the person who rates them.

If it helps any, I have an hourglass figure with full hips/thighs and slim calves and waist. Rag and Bone are always large on me. I just got in a pair of the Goetz jeggings and they fit more like trousers than skinny. They are very roomy in the waist too - almost baggy. I wear either a 28 or 29 (depending on the brand) and the R&B 29's feel like 30.

Same thing with my other R&B size 29 jeans. They are not as stretchy as jeggings and they are also large to size for me. Can't even wear them now!

Meanwhile, my Siwy jeans in 29 fit almost tight and I wear a 38 (size 6) in Zara, which would be the "Just right" Goldilocks of the bunch :P

Hope that helps :smile:


Jun 20, 2012
I just got my first pair of r&b skinny jeans (The Skinny) yesterday. They are so soft and comfy! But i did find them loose in the waist and hips.

Mine are 56% cotton, 42% tencel, and 3% lycra so that might account for the extra give. Sometimes it depends on the fabric content. But in the end I didn't size down cuz these were white jeans which I don't want too tight. If it were dark jeans, I probably would've sized down.

Good luck!

^^ Thanks for the help! I'm petite but curvy too... I guess maybe I will size down...


Jan 21, 2010
anyone have any input on the r&b scuba jeans? fabrication is similar (66% cotton, 30.5% poly, 3.5% Lycra). I usually wear a 25/26 in jbrand so I ordered a 26 in these hoping that there's a lot of stretch. I've heard that r&b runs small but now I'm reading that they stretch a lot. thanks in advance!