Rag & Bone Boots

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  1. I don't know if anyone else is obsessed with Rag & Bone boots as I am so I thought I'd start this thread!

    I am US size 7.5 in most brands, I currently own:
    Newbury in asphalt suede, size 37.5 (TTS)
    Mercer II in waxed clay, size 38 (runs small)
    Durham in black leather, size 37.5 (TTS)

    I am currently contemplating getting Harrows in either grey or camel suede and I know I will need a 38. Has anyone noticed that the camel on the R&B site is called "Camel 2" and looks darker? Need to go to the store to see if there is a difference... But still not sure what color to go with, leaning toward the camel.
    Any thoughts?
  2. I share your obsession, I currently have 3 pairs of R&B's. Right now I'm lusting after the Harper boots. One day they will be mine (even sooner if they go on sale.)

  3. Glad someone responded, I was starting to think I was alone in this... :smile:. They're my current weakness right now, I lust after them more than bags! The Harpers are beautiful, hope you get them soon...
  4. For those that own the Harrow and Newbury boots, do you wear the same size in both? I wear 37 in Harrow (I'm normally a 36 or 36.5) but I am interested in getting the Newbury as well. Will most likely have to buy them online.

    Which do you like more? Let me know your thoughts ☺

  5. I don't have the Harrow yet, but I do have the Newburys and those I would recommend getting in your usual size (sounds like 36.5). The Newbury has a higher shaft and is wider at the top, easy to go over pants. When I tried I the Harrows, I realized I would have to wear footsie socks because the cut in the front is low. The Newbury is more of a true boot whereas the Harrow is more of a bootie.
    Hope that helps!
  6. For the Harrow booties I just took the smallest they have which is a 35EU/5US. Depending on the width and length of your foot, like mine which is petite so I didn't have to go up a size at all. But I've read most of the reviews that it's best to go up one size, unless you have narrow small feet.
  7. I'm a US 7 in most shoes. I have a pair of Newbury's in 37 and they fit, but are tight. I have another pair in 37.5 which are perfect. In Kinsey's I wear a 38. I have to say that I've found the waxed suede to be roomier than the all leather versions across the board.. The suede Kinsey's I could get a 37.5 on (but it wasn't comfortable), but couldn't even get my foot in the all leather version of a 37.5.

    I love the Rag and Bone boot line. Their heels are very comfortable and I think they make everyone look good. Beautiful quality and they wear very well. I've worn mine to death and they all still look brand new.

    I like the ease of getting into Newbury's best, but do love the Kinsey look. Kinsey's take longer to strap on. I like the look of the Harrow but hate my socks showing which they always do at the front dip, and I don't like not wearing socks with boots. Overall my equal favorites are the Newbury and Kinsey but I'm side eyeing the Kerr style and will probably take the plunge on that one.

    My Dickers, Fiorentini & Baker, Doc Martins and Gucci boots have started to gather dust. I always seem to reach for R&B.
  8. Can you tell me about the Mercer II boots - are they comfortable etc? I am looking for a pair of boots with a longer shaft (without being knee-high) and have my eye on the black version of these. Ideally I will be wearing them to death throughout Europe at the end of this year so they need to be comfortable and durable...let me know your thoughts on them please!
  9. My Harrow boots are a full size up from what I normally wear.
  10. The Mercer II's are pretty comfortable, but just FYI, both my pairs had a legit flaw. The heel/shaft on the right boot was shorter than the left. Hard to tell when walking, but the minute I stood still I felt a strange sensation--kinda like the heel was wobbly, except it wasn't. When I took them off & got down on the ground I noticed the heel didn't "sit" flat...I could rocked it back. And when I did, the front of the boot popped up about 1/5 of an inch in the air!

    I heard through the grapevine this was a manufacturing problem but I'd double check when you get them. My cobbler fixed it but almost had a heart attack when I told him they cost $575. He honestly thought I was f****** with him.
  11. My Harrow boots are a full size up, too, but my Newburys are tts. I've got three pairs so far, but I keep wanting more :biggrin:
  12. The Harrows are the most comfortable "heel" I own - I lived in mine all winter, and they were true to size (39).

  13. My Mercers are pretty comfortable. The only issue I've had with them is they are not very breathable - this may sound strange, but my feet get sweaty in them, and I am not a sweaty feet type of girl. The shaft is wide enough to go over pants and also look good with skirts. I do sometimes struggle with how to style them, and sometimes wonder if they shorten my legs, whereas my Newbirys and Harrows make my legs look longer. I bought them on sale at R&B for $290, I probably wouldn't have bought them full price. My Durhams however are my first go-to lower heeled boots, and I get more wear out if them.
    Hope that helps!
  14. I tried on the Newbury boots and I love them! I tried on 36.5 and they fit with socks. I may get 37 for more comfort.

    I think they will be more versatile than my Harrows. I think the Harrows only look good with super skinny cropped jeans and low cut socks. I like that with the Newbury I can tuck in my skinny jeans.

    May wait until later to buy them. I have so many ankle boots already... They're my go to shoes.
  15. I have a pair of black Newburys and they are hands down my favorite shoe. I wear over NYC. I wish I could get into the Harrow, because I have heard they are very comfortable, but I hate the dip in the front of the shoe.

    Hoping to get a pair of asphalt suede next season.