Rag and Bone- Newbury or Harrow?

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  1. Which does everyone prefer?

    Opinions/Thoughts please!!

    Thank you!
  2. i have the newburys and love them - vote for them!
  3. What color did you buy? What color does everyone prefer?
  4. i have the black harrow booties and they are giving me the worst blisters:sad:
  5. Oh no! Glad you let me know! I heard a few reviews mention the same issue!
  6. I have both - the Newburys are more comfortable but I love them both. My Harrows are camel and one in grey. I have several pair of Newburys but my favorites are my Walnuts. The way the Harrows are cut I probably should have sized up because even if they stretch, they won't flop around on my feet.
  7. Do you mind me asking where you purchased them?
  8. I've gotten all of them from either Shopbop or the Rag and Bone store in NYC