Rag and Bone Harrow Boot Sizing

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  1. Hello all!

    I just bought my first pair of R&G Harrow boots. I am normally 8.5 in shoes/sneakers. Sometimes I may go up to a 9 in boots. My R&G are 9.5. I know they run smaller but has anyone had to go up a full size from their normal flat shoes/ sneaker size like I have?

    The store only had 8.5 or 9.5 in the color/combo I wanted. I didn't even think to ask them for a 9.0 in another color just to try the fit.
  2. I can't speak to the Harrow's but with the Kinsey's, which have a similar closure, I have to go up a full size. Only 1/2 size up in Newburys for me.
  3. Of course, these feet of mine have to be the oddballs. I went to the store and tried 9.0 and they felt short. Keeping my 9.5. Loving the shoes. Getting them treated and sealed with my shoe man. So excited to wear them.
  4. I went up a full size in mine. Wearing them right now. They do stretch out, but I am glad that I have a full size up. At first putting them on was kind of hard.
  5. I went up a full size too. They're currently my only R&B boots but I love them and find them SO comfortable! I think it may be the beginning of yet another addiction.
  6. They fit well in a size 9 and I usually wear 9-9.5 (sometimes but rarely 8 or 8.5)
  7. I go half sz up cause I want to wear thicker socks with my boots..
  8. How high is the heel exactly every single site I go on states some thing different ... From 7.5 to 10 cm - there's a whole inch between these measurements ! Help!
  9. Depending on your feet because for most people the Harrow run small either by 1/2 or full size. I have small narrow, petite feet so I took my regular size :smile:.
  10. I find rag and bone true to size. I am usually a sz 6.5 and get 36.5 and even then I can wear thick socks and I have wideish feet.. It's bizarre how some people think they are big and others small sizing very confusing lol
  11. I took a 39 and normally wear an 8 sometimes 8.5 (I have wider feet). I agree with the other poster in that they do stretch a bit with wear. I LOVE mine!
  12. I'm a traditional 7, and have R&B boots/shoes in sizes 37, 37.5, and 38.

    I always go up a full size (38) in the Harrows...now.

    I didn't at first (I got 37.5's in both leather and suede) which was a big mistake on my end. Though they "fit," it was hard to get them on and they hardly stretched out--even with everyday use.
  13. so if i'm a 6.5 US and fall between a 36.5 and 37 in euro sizing... what do you ladies recommend for newbury? sorry for hijacking your thread hrhsunshine :biggrin:
  14. I bought mine a full size up and I'm glad I did. Even with a full size up it was still hard to get my feet in in the beginning. I have medium to wide feet and my arches are really high.