Raffaello Network

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  1. Hello everyone... I'm new on the forums and I just ordered the Gucci Abbey Tote from Raffaello Network. So far they have been very helpful...

    I was just wondering if any of you girls have ever actually shopped from them and could give me some feedback as to what your experience was like... thank you in advance!

  2. Sorry, never shopped there.
  3. my boyfriend has shopped there for a few versace wallets...i believe he said they are authentic (but i can't be sure though!). however, they once sent him the wrong wallet.....THREE TIMES! the third time, they just gave him his money back because the wallet was already sold out by the time they tried to fix their mistake. he hasn't shopped there since... but prior to this, he has had good service, i believe.
  4. I have shopped there.No probs for me.They r authentic.I prefer STYLEDROPS over them though.They ship quicker
  5. I know someone who buys her Balenciagas and Chloes from Raf Network. She has no problems with the site.