1. Does anyone have any discount codes for Raffaello-network? I've tried this post in the Deals & Steals section but no-ones bitten so far.

  2. there are actually discount codes for this online retailer?
  3. When you proceed to checkout, it asks if you have an e-coupon code, so I presume so.
  4. Do not order from this company. They try to overcharge credit cards and have very poor customer service. Do a search on this forum for further info. Avoid like the plague
  5. While I haven't ordered from this online retailer, I find their prices to be significantly higher than "normal". For instance, their price for a First is $1395 ... whereas, the "normal" price for a First is $995!!!
  6. I thought this company sold fakes? I thought Balenciaga does not allow photos of their bags online?
  7. They sell authentic as does Styledrops but you have to be careful when you pay. If you use a credit card you will be charged in Euros which when converted to dollars will be more than the price (dollars) that they show for the item. This almost seems unlawful to me, but I guess it's not. To get around it - pay by paypal - that way you will be charged the actual dollar amount shown for the item. I have bought from Styledrops quite a few times, so I've learned all this from experience. I sort of hate to buy from them because of this - and because alot of their prices are inflated - but I can find things there that I can't find anywhere else and once I consider sales tax here, etc., most of their prices are "in the neighborhood of" what you'd find here. You need to do your homework.
  8. im so glad i found this thread as i have been musing over the muse on raffaello...
    so u are sure that it's authentic - im in australia so if i pay via paypal but using my credit card it'll be ookay?!

    thank god for you guys!
  9. i would love to know too! also an australian btw ;) our prices here are atrocious
  10. They sell way overpriced that's why I don't buy from them e.g. their bbags are about 20-30% more expensive than at the normal retailer and the same goes for all other items they sell. To me it's a total rip-off!
  11. I thought you might like to see what Raffaello Network said about their billing.
    I worked out the price of what I want (shoes) and its about the same as where I am (Asia). Unfortunately, the item is not carried here and Raffaello is the only site for now that has it.
    Hope this helps if you guys still want to order from them!

    : Welcome to our real-time support chat. How can I help you today?

    Samantha: Hi, The prices shown are defaulted to US dollars?
    Dawn: If you look in the upper right hand corner of the page you will see a drop box and it has other currencies available there
    It will allow you to view everything on our website in the currency exchange of your choice.
    Samantha: When my credit card is billed for item, is it billed in US dollars or is it converted from Euros to US dollars?
    Dawn: Euros to dollars
    Samantha: May I ask why? Since you show the prices in US dollars?
    Dawn: Because we are located in Italy, and the website shos US dollars by default, though it is possible to view in other currencies. We charge your card according to the currency in your region
    Samantha: So say an item is shown as USD510, will I be billed USD510 or more?
    Dawn: Are you usually charged in US dollars when shooping using your card?
    Samantha: yes
    Dawn: shopping, excuse me
    Then yes you will be charged the amount in US dollars
    If your amount at the end of checkout shows 510USD, that is what you will be charged.
  12. Hi there,
    So is it true that Raffaello-network carries authentic Prada Purses? They state that "All products are guaranteed authentic". Their prices certainly do reflect that they may be for real, although they do seem to be very inflated. I couldn't find any discounts.
    How would I know if a Prada handbag is authentic or not. Is it that difficult to tell? I really don't want to spend that much money only to find out the bag is a fake.
  13. BUYER BEWARE! I have recently ordered from this company, they tried to scam me! WATCH OUT
    1.)They advertise items in US$ but charge in EUROs, but this is a fact not listed anywhere on their website (probably so they don't lose oversees customers too lazy/uninformed to use methods that don't charge conversion fees).
    2.)On top of this, they overcharged me by about $70 USD for no reason
    3.)When I asked for my $70 back, they told me to wait "AT LEAST 10 DAYS" for it!

    Also their prices are very high (20% above others) to begin with, but this was a fact that I was willing to live with for the rare items I hoped to buy, but I did not expect to be ripped off 3X on top of it. Its like I literally feel them digging into my pocket, grabbing on, and it being the freaking fist of death to try to pry the money I am owed.

  14. If you pay via Paypal-that would be safe wouldn't it?

    As the amount you would pay would be in USD and billed straight away (ie-they can't convert to EURO's etc).
    Has anyone payed via Paypal (and been charged the right amount-no conversion) ?