Raffaello Network - share your experiences please!

  1. Quite a lot of bbags available but the prices are quite high!
  2. Has any of you tried ordering Balenciaga bags from Rafaello Network?

    Please share your expieriences - good or bad.

    Thanks in advance. :yes:
  3. I was curious about them as well. It is listed on here as a seller of authentic bbags so I am surprised there is no one on here to vouch for them.
  4. I know the reason why I haven't purchased from them is that their prices are significantly higher than in the stores (for instance, Barneys NY, Neiman Marcus, etc.).
  5. i'm thick -- can't see what's wrong :shame: can someone direct me to some threads to educate me on what "the bales" are? square bales? the bales are squared?
  6. I just received a magenta Twiggy from them today which i ordered on Sunday. It was on sale for around $900. It looks real to me, rivets are good, bales are correct, I will try to post photos later this evening so others can se. Its my first Balenciaga so I'm no expert but I read the entire thread on spotting fakes and this appears to be the real thing.
  7. congrats! is the leather very dry? Decophile, the *Queen* of bbags also recently got a bag from them. my bag just flew in this morning. i did't doubt it's not legit but i'll see soon...
  8. I see what you're saying gro, but I still think it's funky photography and the angle in these shots. The front bale on the angled shot of the bag looks dead square (as it does in the pic of the white and the magenta posted on another thread), but the back bale on that shot looks rounded. You can also see the curvature of the bales in the full frontal shot of the bag.

    I've known of Raffaello even longer than I've known of tPF, and they are legit. The only reason I don't buy from them or from Styledrops is their ridiculous pricing. Even their sales prices suck. Only once in an extraordinary blue moon do they give you a genuinely good deal on a few stray pieces.

  9. Here are shots of the bale & rivet from my magenta twiggy that I just got today from Raffaello. It looks real to me. I would say the leather is veiny but not dry. The bag already seems soft and kind of smooshes when its on the floor. So tell me, does it look authentic to you? I'm about the check the serial number now as well.:rolleyes:
    rivet.jpg twiggy_bale.jpg twiggy_2.jpg inside_tag.jpg twiigy_aerial.jpg
  10. ^^^ Score!!

    Looks good to me :tup:
  11. ^^ wow, that's gorgeous girl!!! :love:
  12. Thanks Bern and Aalabama! I checked the serial number against a list I found and its the correct number for a Twiggy. I could not find a list of these codes on TPF - without a search function. Here is the thread I found on another forum FYI for serial numbers: (i apologize in advance if i should not be linking off to another forum!) http://www.*********************.com/balenciaga/56-how-spot-fake-balenciaga-edition.html

    Serial Numbers
    Matching front & back of bags with metal tags. Located on the back of the tag, on bags that only have a leather tag.

    First: 103208
    Day: 140442
    Twiggy: 128523
    City: 115748
    Giant City: 173084
    Part-Time: 168028
  13. Thanks for posting pics! I'm glad everything went fine. Your new Twiggy is super yummy!! :heart: