Raffaello Network, receipt?

  1. I just bought my first Prada bag :yahoo:
    I bought it at Raffaello Network. And I was wondering if it's normal that they don't enclose some kind of receipt? I just got the authenticity cards (of course) and then the DHL paper with the shipping details.
  2. Hi...

    I remember printing my receipt when I paid for the item online... but I don't recall if there was a receipt in the box. There was some sort of customs paperwork in with the ups overnite label... but a receipt... ? Hmmm.. I'm not sure.

    Did you get one when you paid online?
  3. After I placed the order I got an order confirmation via e-mail.
  4. Hey Rain12...
    let's see pix of the new bag! Or a link!!! :p
  5. No problem :smile: If I can figure out how to upload it...
    At first I had problems finding the perfect bag, but this one is absolutely perfect for me. It suits my style, and I love it so much. After I got it I've been making up excuses to go out just so I could carry my bag around with me ;) I'm already trying to figure out which one to buy next.
  6. Nice!! Rain12...

    Hope you are enjoying it immensely!!! :yes: Congratulations!!!
  7. congrats on your new bag!