1. I just discovered Rafe (there is an accent over the 'e', can't find the right key to make it) bags and I'm really liking them! So summery w/ the ratan and fabric accents. Also, I love the colors and the chain handles. Pretty cheap too:biggrin:

    I just picked this up at Maxx de TJ (although the pic is from ebay, too lazy to get out the camera tonight. By the way, you can't see it in the pic, but the little openings in the whicker reveal checkered blue fabric...I just think it's all sort of quaint and whimsical.

    I love the color and think it will be cute with this dress especially.

    Anyone else into rafe?
    e0_1.JPG 136761_1228.jpg
  2. MandM: Congrats! =) Nice summery color. Love your dress. =)
  3. I LOVE Rafe bags. I have three of them, each of which I adore. They are my "fun night out" bags (I live in Manhattan, so they work). I get complements on them each and every time I wear one, primarily because so few people have them. They are fun and distinctive, and my friends refer to them as "Carolyn bags" (that's me). You can't help but enjoy yourself when using them! :yes:

  4. Just got the Rafe tote with the blue accents for $200 at Nordstrom...great summer bag!
  5. I love rafe! I have a black suede bag w/ metallic python trim that I get compliments on all the time. They make great bags!
  6. I love Rafe, they also do great shoes. :love:
  7. Pradasmeadow - Don't get me started on their shoes! They're fab!
  8. MandM, hey girl! I love Rafe bags too! I stumbled onto their website awhile back and just remember immediately loving all the colorfulness and how cute everything is!
  9. ^^Gorgeous bags!! They're so unique.

    I'm glad to find other rafe fans:biggrin: I just think that they are a bit different and "cool"!

    PS -- abandoned, I like your new pic w/ that cute green coach!!
  10. I too love Rafe, such excellent quality. I have only one though, I bought it about 4 years ago for my collection. I used it as an everyday bag, so it got abused alot... with alittle Coach leather cleaner once in awhile, it still looks brand new!
    (35) Rafe Hampton Satchel - 595.JPG
  11. My cousin's cousin (from her mom's side) is the designer. She has a few of his bags. I've never met him but i hear he's got nice bags and at reasonable prices.
  12. MandM - Thanks! I love 'em. Although you're in "the middle of Pennsylvania," you may be interested in heading to NYC for the Rafe sample sale next week. I've been waiting for this one all year...
  13. I love them as well. I bought pink rafe clutches for my bridesmaids and they all thought they were great. I get compliments every time i use one of mine. I've never seen the shoes though. I'll have to go hunting for them now. :smile:
  14. :sad: I want to go! Unfortunately, I just got back from a trip and have loads of work to catch up on. You'll have to report back on what you find!!:yes:

    Shopping's rough here in the middle of Pa...
  15. that is an AWESOME bag! I have heard of Rafe and have seen them at Nordstrom and will now give a 2nd look, ha!! :heart: