Rafe Sample Sale just listed on topbutton.com

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  1. I know Rafe bags aren't discussed too often on here - but I must say they do have some very nice bags; very unique. It's next week - the 13th I believe it said.
  2. anyone going to go to this one next week?
  3. yea, is anyone going to this one tomorrow?
  4. Went to the preview last night--it was amazing. Rafe (the designer) was there too and helping (enabling) me! In addition to the bags (and shoes!) being great, the prices here are always amazing.
  5. Were the prices similar to the sample sale in the summer?
  6. Yes, shoes were $50-$100, $150 for boots
    Large leather bags (current) season were $200, those lesser in demand were $100 and $150.
    Lots of wallets and clutches, $25-75, some large patents were $100

    This is seriously one of the better priced sample sales out there.

  7. How did you know about the preview - I didn't read any information about that anywhere...

    I went to the one in June and it was really good even though I went on the last day. I was going to go this week however I decided not to b/c it's raining and I bought too many bags already this year. haha
  8. I got an email on Tuesday about the preview for last night. I believe that I signed up with the website a few months ago. I really wanted to go but I had a prior commitment. I will try to swing by there tomorrow.
  9. i loved this sample sale! you get cute stuff at such a bargain! but, is anyone familiar with rafe's quality for non-leather iterms, because they didn't feel as great as i had expected. but the low prices makes it all up! yet, on the other hand, their leather feels great!
  10. I stopped by today. They're leather items felt great. I only picked up two $25 "fun" bags to give away as gifts.. but a friend of mine picked up a very nice sized teal leather bag for $200. They had great boots too for about $150-200. too bad I wasn't in the market for them.

    I'm going to drop by again tomorrow since it's one block away from the office. :biggrin: