Rafe New York

  1. I'm sure you guys are already familiar with this site, but just in case - I was browsing around and came across http://shop.rafe.com/handbags.php. I think they've got some cute things, what say you? lol :] They've got some nice summer-ish stuff.

    How about this - too much?

    Or -

    [edit] Oops. Saw there are other threads that mention Rafe New York. Sorry!
  2. I like the second one, it reminds me of the scarf bag from Gucci's cruise collection. :lol: :love:
  3. I really like Rafe bags. I have one in black suede w/ python-ish trim and I get tons of compliments on it. Very well made also.
  4. in case the link not working.... here's the attachment
    pic from Rafe.com
    rafe new.jpg
  5. Rafe bags have an excellent reputation for being well made.
  6. Those are nice oranGetRee!
  7. Soo true! I have one that I still love to this day (it's about 3 yrs old). It's my throw around bag, it still looks great! Great styles and the quality is outstanding for the price. I love the second bag BTW.
    (35) Rafe Hampton Satchel - 595.JPG