RAFE NEW YORK - Thoughts, anyone? Owners?

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  1. What do you guys think about RAFE handbags? I've seen the low-end Target bags, and they seem OK. What about their original high-end line (Rafe NY)? I've read that Jessica Alba is a big fan of their handbags. I was looking at this bag in particular

    How nice is the leather? The workmanship? Do they hold up well? I know Rafe's been around for a while, but I've honestly never paid that much attention to their bags.
  2. i have an old rafe bag and have seen the new ones - mine has held up well and they all look very well made to me! the leathers are really nice too....that i have seen at least!
  3. I'm an owner- they are some of my fave bags. Very nice leathers and excellent quality !!
  4. I love their bags! I own the green/blue one on the right and it's one of my favorites! Gets tons of compliments too. :smile:

  5. There are some beautiful ones, but not really my own style.
  6. I really think his bags are very high quality, for the price. I own the one that's on the Lucky Shopping Manual book, and it's really sturdy, very well made. I also own the basket in pink that devinesgirl2004 posted. It's unique and pretty!

    I think it would be a good investment.