Rafe New York "Rivington Juliane" bag...

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  1. :nuts: :love: Looks soft! What do you ladies think?
  2. It's cute....like the color a lot!
  3. KInda like Bulga to me
  4. I like it! I've never been a fan of white/ivory bags (have always associated them with elderly ladies in Palm Springs) but I'm starting to change my mind. So many really pretty ones out there!
  5. love it!
  6. Kind of reminds me of the grandma's in Fla., don't like it. :shame:
  7. It's cute, but I don't like the tassel zipper pull.
  8. i like the details but i could do without the knotting on the sides and the zipper pull...otherwise i love it!
  9. Studs and more studs, they are beginning to scare me.
  10. I'm not too impressed by the Rivington line from Rafe - looks a little too Isabella Fiore for me.

    I love the brand, though, and I have for years. I collect Rafe everything!