Rafe Handbags-need Opinions!!

  1. i would like some opinions on these rafe bags...they look wonderful to me and i was wondering if anyone has/had any experience with these bags?

    Shop.Rafe.com: Lindsay Satchel

    i was looking at the one in black and taupe...thoughts? opinions?
    thanks in advance!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  2. I have never owned one of these brand but you can often find them at TJMaxx for under $100 with the tags still on them for over $500 retail. That would make me skeptical of paying full price for it. Just a thought...
  3. I recently sent the Lindsey satchel back to Rafe. The leather was not as soft as I'd imagined, plus, it had a tiny gash on one of the straps. And for the price I paid, it would have been nice to have all leather trimmed pockets on the inside. Overall, it just didn't look as good as it does online. The colors were duller than on the computer screen.

    Plus, when I returned it, the customer service was less than stellar. Very disappointing experience with Rafe... :sad:
  4. I own 4 Rafe bags. Two have very thick leather with antique studs; 1 nylon with leather patent trim;& 1 washed buffalo. I'd say the quality is comparable to my Coach bags. Rafe's stitchings on my bags are tight & even and the hardware is very nice--all has Rafe engravings. I wouldn't pay retail price on these. Like OP has said, you can find these at discount stores like Nordstron Rack with original tags on---75% off.
    Overall, I find them to be very good quality.
  5. Saw this style (in the charcoal/dark blue color) at the Nordstrom sale. I love the washed look of the leather but even on sale it seemed kinda pricey for a casual bag. I did like the dual straps and it was roomy without being bulky, but I didn't love it enough to seriously consider buying it (even on sale).
  6. Are all their bags made in China?? I wouldn't consider paying full retail if they are but the key fobs are really adorable!
  7. thanks so much for the feedback, all! i decided against this particular line because feedback has been less than stellar and went with the gustto baca in black...