Rafe Bags at Target

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  1. I bought one today, it has a straw bottom and an orange and blue floral top, and brown trim. I loved it on sight but now I'm undecided as to whether I will keep it so the tags are still on...
    What do you all think of these bags? and

    How do you pronounce the designer's name?
  2. I have a couple of his bags- I love them !!!! It's pronounced raw-FAY. He makes some reeeeally nice ones outside of Target too
  3. I have a patent leather-looking vanilla clutch. It's cute, and I don't mind taking it to smokey bars because it was only $20.
  4. The Rafe for Target bags are incredibly nice. They're definitely better than what you would expect from a store from Target.
  5. IMO the ones I have seen for Target were great buys for the money. They feel much nicer than the $20-50 dollars most of them were. The quality was more than what I usually see at that price range or higher price ranges. You could have told me the larger ones were $300-400 and I would have believed it.
  6. Im eyeing up the blue one as a temporary fix. I just don't want to waste money if Im only going to use it for a couple months.
  7. i have the faux patent clutch in Navy and have seen others in the store (including the floral one mentioned in the original post). i think they are terrific buys for the price point! good construction, not wearing out quickly etc.

    while i adore carrying around my higher priced bags, there's something to be said for carrying something cute that won't kill you if it gets harmed in the pursuit of nightlife :smile:
  8. I saw a few of the straw ones and thought they were cute. Post a pic if you can!

    Oh, those were the days. No smoking inside bars around here. Hahhahaha.

    And I have that same clutch, in Navy. And I got it for $14 and for that price, I really adore it. I use it when it rains. :yes:
  10. I wish they would ban smoking in bars here too. I went to a club a few weeks ago that had a smoking and non-smoking section. But of course, the smoke just drifted over.
  11. His straw bags are less versatile than the other patent bags that were done previously
  12. I have that same one! It's really cute, and a nice size for stashing money, ID, credit card, and a lipstick. It's my go-to clutch for girl's night out. :smile:
  13. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I didn't like Rafe for Target. I thought the materials were low quality and too "fake" looking. I hope I don't get flamed for this!

    ... but I do love a lot of the Rafe collection bags, especially the snakeskin ones!