Rafe at Target - am I the last to know?

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  1. Hi ladies, maybe this has already been announced, but I saw a line of Rafe bags at Target today. There were a few shiny vinyl shoulder bags and wristets that looked like classic Rafe designs as well as a few evening bags and gloves. All the bags were really cute, I was completely impressed. Prices ranged from about $15-$50. I picked up a little wristlet and women kept stopping me in the store asking where I found it. Check it out next time you're at Target, these are some low-end bags that are worth having I think :smile:
  2. Thanks for the info., I will check them out next time I go there.
  3. I will def. check them out, thanks
  4. Wow, interesting. I have a few Rafe bags so I'll have to check this out.
  5. Yeah, they had them all on the end of an aisle. Cute stuff.
  6. oooh post a picture! ;)
  7. There are some online too! I was thinking about getting the patent clutch ... it seems so cute.
    B000GLKJUE.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS384_V40081329_.jpg B000GLO9KA.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS384_V39991872_.jpg B000GLO9KU.16._SCLZZZZZZZ_SS384_V39991702_.jpg
  8. I saw these. I like them although I'm not too familiar with the Rafe brand. I'll go ck out the brand b/c the bags are kind of cute :P
  9. I'm not too familiar with Rafe either--but it looks like celebs love it!

    rafe celeb sightings

    it's a bummer that the Target bags are PVC--good prices though!
  10. ^^^^Didn't know so many celebs were into Rafe. Heck, I didn't know much about Rafe in the first place :lol:

    .....the Target bags are PVC? :Push: :upsidedown: I had a PVC bag (Nine West) and it fell apart so I'm not to much on PVC.
  11. Wow, I really love that clutch! I am definitely going to pick one up next time I go to Target.
  12. didn't know this either.. thanks for sharing..
  13. If anyone has the Lucky Shopping Manual, the Red bag featured on the cover (one of a few covers) is a Rafe bag. It was one of their classic styles in a collection called Brompton.
  14. Do you guys think Target in Australia has those purses too?
  15. good question. I wonder if they're in the over seas market too.
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