Rafaello - Discounted Bags

  1. Hopefully this hasnt been posted yet :shame: I did a search as to not double up and didnt find anything :yes:

    I know these may not the deal of the century, but considering prices will be going up soon... may as well grab any kind of bargain you can :p


    Theres a few other bags on sale too - see this page

  2. Please excuse the typo in the title :p
  3. may i ask what "arena trap" is?
    sorry if that is a dumb question
  4. tofuchan - I think, I may not be correct, that they have their own names for Bal bags?

    Obviously it is a black city - but they must refer to it as the arena trap?

    Thats my explanation for it - unless someone else knows for sure?
  5. I think there were some recent concerns regarding authenticity of bags sold on this site.
  6. hipnycmom I think it was put down to the photography of the bags which made the bales look square.

    All of the bags that have been received have been authentic thus far :yes:
  7. heh. i was looking at the arena trap yesterday. it's like the matelasse and box combined - love it!
  8. The bag that you are referring to IS the Matelasse. It is like the box, with the beautiful quilted sides. :heart:
    I know that the motorcycle bags are 'Arena' but I'm not familiar with 'Trap'.
  9. Does anyone have a discount code for rafaello? (I totally shouldn't buy anything, but where my mind says no, my heart says yes. ;) )
  10. i see. i didn't see the trademark motocycle 'face' on the bag so i thought it's a hybrid. thanks for informing me :smile: