Rafaello again has a blue city GGH at USD944

  1. Has anyone bought it??:woohoo:
  2. Why do the measurements seem off?
  3. It is gone already! Is this the same bag Deco grabbed last time? I wonder if Deco has received her order yet?

    Deco, if you received it, could you post your modeling pictures when you got a chance? I always love to see your modeling pictures since your outfit always perfectly matches your BBag. :tup:
  4. :cursing: they cancelled my order and payment saying it was Out of Stock, even though I was the first to order it. This is the second time they've infuriated me. Goodbye Raffaello.
  5. I saw it late/early last night, and tried to order it, but the payment wouldn't go through. There was an error about the shopping cart, so I figured it was a mistake or out of stock.

    This morning I got an email that they had the order, but payment didn't complete, so I paid and it now shows "pending" at their site. Having never ordered from them before, now I am not sure? So who knows?

    Nan :confused1:
  6. OMG.. I am sorry Deco. How much money Rafaello has collected from this bag?
  7. Wow. There is no end to their royal goof-ups. :s
  8. That's ok. After they cancelled my order, I bought a Vert Fonce Work, so that MORE than made up for it :p. They collected full payment on my purchase but then reversed it after they said it was out of stock. So I haven't paid anything.
  9. great price!
  10. Ok, so now I am really confused, this morning I emailed them to ask why, if they took payment it is still show "pending" and "purchasing" in the tracking screen

    I got a quick reply, but it said that it would show that until they got the item from their supplier? Then they would send me the shipping info in a separate email.

    I thought they were the supplier? Am I wrong?

    So, I emailed them back asking just that, and where were the bag came from......they haven't emailed back yet, probably gone for the night there.

    It is a great price, but I don't know about all this.

  11. I ordered from them once and paid immediately. Five days later, I received an email and said the item I order was out of stock, and my payment will be refunded in a few days. :cursing: They should improve their inventory system.