Rafael Hawaii

  1. Thanksgiving sale.
    50% off non sale items
    Additional 25% off sale items
  2. is there a coupon code to enter?
  3. theres no code, the sale price is reflected on the products
  4. Rafael Hawaii normally offers free shipping for orders over $50, but they changed that for this promotion and added a pricing scale for shipping fees! :tdown:

    So please note when ordering that you will still have to pay for shipping!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the RH sale BBALL! I got a couple juicy tracksuits for a good price. If you use code 2124 you get 10% off but as lithiumpearl says, you have to pay shipping--depending on your order total, they sort of cancel each other out so it's not a complete loss!
  6. oops--just an update--the 2124 code for 10% off apparently doesn't work (even though it worked online)...just got an email saying further online coupon codes couldn't be applied during the "thanksgiving 50% sale".

    Sorry for any confusion!
  7. wow I was thinking of ordering till I saw the shipping! 12 bucks for 2 small items? That's crazy. Other stores having sales aren't jacking up shipping prices to recoup.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! They had some fabulous deals on a lot of Juicy stuff, but most of the stuff I want is sold out!

    Great buys though!
  9. I guess the "PREFERRED CUSTOMER V.I.P" with the coupon code couldn't use this time as well...


    Since I tried 10 times, and it fails everytime.
  10. Darn the shipping relaly does kill it! :sad:
  11. did anyone order and have their item ship yet? I ordered on friday and mine still says "pending"...I hope they dont cancel my order or run out of my item...
  12. Yeah same here!! I placed my order on Wed...shows PENDING still...I called before, they told me due to high volume they are kind of slow down right now. I also asked if all those items that I ordered are in stock? they said DON'T KNOW YET!!:push: so I guess need to wait till last min before they ship out and then we will find out the answer!!
  13. oh noooo...I hope we get our items....=(