Rado: a good brand??

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  1. I want to get a good watch. Anyone think Rado is a good brand? A friend of mine said that it's very popular...but I have never heard of it. Anything bad about Rado?
  2. I own 4 Rados which are between 5 and 6 years old, and I have only just had to replace the batteries in the last year. I find them to be excellent at keeping time and the sapphire crystal face is great for being scratch resistant. I haven't had a problem with mine yet.
  3. rado is quite a good brand. but depends on what u like, budget and the function u need.

    what's your age?
  4. I have a Rado. If I get the chance, I will post pics.

    It is a very sleek brand which always gets compliments.
  5. I am debating between a Gucci watch & a rado watch. I wish I can afford Rolex, but I can't.....I stopped by the jewelery shop today & Yes, just like dokturshoo said...the Rado watches are so sleek & they are quite thin too. Looks very comfortable to wear, but what about the band? Will they get scratch. I saw some really nice gunmetal color band by Rado. :drool:
  6. Thats the great thing about them,they are made from the same stuff thats on the nose cone of the shuttle that stops it burning up on re-entry to our atmosphere!!! So they are super scratch resistant,very sleek and distintinctive looking watch. The only thing I have known to damage them is it getting dropped on a hard floor such as marble or granite,it can get chipped. The links are so easy to change it really isn't a problem,only downside is your separated from your watch for a while when its gettin fixed!!!!!! I have always seemed to work with Rado wherever I have worked and they really are a great brand!! Not all the styles are for everyone,but hey,would'nt it be boring if we ALL wore exactly the same watch!
  7. i think for me this is a personal thing, but i equate rado to an "married with kid brand" lol....and that is just because A LOT of my uncles and aunts own one...and my mom is obsessed with them.

    They are pretty, and have a great reputation (exp in the indian community!) but i personally wouldn't get one...the excat same way i wouldn't buy a rolex...that's just me! I'd prefer a cartier or a chanel lol

    but sorry way off topic, rado's are reputable and people that hve them swear by them! :smile:
  8. Rado has more "modern" designs for the younger set (20s) and they are of superb quality.

    I inherited my wonderful Mom's Rado that she bought in 1972 and it is still in great working condition! No scratches! I just had to change the battery and had it cleaned. I still use the Rado and I feel less conspicuous when I wear it as it is not as mass market as Rolex.

    And oh, I don't feel bad wearing it to the office and I don't have to worry about being thought of being paid too much! (not that I am but you know...)
  9. Rados are great watches - unique and scratch resistant!
  10. yes, rado is recognized brand also
  11. excellent brand, i think of it and movado along the same type of watches