Radley Bags-does anyone on here collect them

  1. I have not seen anything on the PF regarding Radley bags and wondered if anyone collected them.

    I use to have lots of these, all the picture bags which I think are really delightful, now I just have 4 plus my computer Radley bag and a Radley purse which I would not change as think their purses are brilliant.

    The leather is so lovely and the work that goes into the bags is brilliant. I think my favourite was TeaTime and the Limited edition one of Hills and sheep.
  2. I´m not familiar with these bags sorry.
  3. Are those with the little dog, aren't they!
    I don't have any, because they don't retail in Italy, but I find them realyy cute!
  4. I had wanted the Walkies pouch for ages. One finally came up on US ebay and I won! Brown pouch with pink and white dogs and a beautiful pink lining. The cutest thing, I love the tiny Scotties all on leashes. The picture bags are wonderful but my daughter's lip would freeze in a permanent sneer if I bought one. Pricey too!
  5. I find them completely adorable and try to win one occassionally on ebay. I always end up losing!
  6. It's so interesting - I think things are not widely available in your own country are always a bit more intriguing. Radley is pretty widely available in the UK and most department stores will carry them in the general bags department. I liked them when I was a teenager and see them around a lot still, but haven't thought about them for a long time. It's a real blast from my bag buying past!