Radiohead fans (like myself)

  1. I'm so excited!!! I don't know if this was out before but I don't think so. Radiohead is releasing a new album on Oct 10th available for download at their website. There isn't even a pricetag attached! You can pay whatever you want for it or nothing at all, even. There's also a boxset that will include the 2 CDs, 2 vinyls and a bunch of other stuff like digital pics, booklets, and so on.

    God God God I can't wait!! I'm a hardcore Radiohead fan that missed seeing them live with their last album having tickets on hand thanks to a whole lot of horrible circumstances, so this is definitely my chance to see them now. I'm sure with the new album, there's bound to be a tour soon.

    Any other fans here who will share the excitement?

    PS Oh and mods, feel free to move this since I'm not sure I should've posted here or in the celebrity section.
  2. Oh I read about that yesterday! I'm also ridiculously excited. Atease is reporting that they will be signing a new record contract within a week! I haven't been able to see them live yet because their Toronto shows tend to sell out in minutes, but I've heard that seeing them live is a mind blowing experience. Hopefully I'll be able to catch them this time around!
  3. Wow, I hope they are going on tour! It's been ages!
  4. I am SO excited! If I could give them lots of $$$ for the album, I surely would!
  5. I love Radiohead and am anxiously awaiting the new album!!!
  6. Me too me too me too me too me too!

    Seriously, people at work were fed up with me talking about it all day today. Hopefully they'll play in Texas which is the nearest place for me to go. Anyone here seen them live yet?
  7. if you download it, please give them at least 5 or 10 bucks. they are not the first band to do this. but they have such a loyal following that they are going to clean up! my husband is a popular musician/songwriter and our livelihood depends on how well the musci business does. its like anything else - if you hired a plumber to come and fix your pipes, would you just ignore his bills?

  8. yes. one of the only bands I would pay to see.
  9. wow i would pay to see a ton of bands.. but then again my mom flew us to boston and nyc to see keane..hahahaha.

    i LooooVEE radiohead! you're lucky you've seen them. last time they were in FL I think was 2002 and I was definitely not a fan then.. I think I was in 7th grade.

  10. I am extremely jealous. I've been a Radiohead fan for years but still have not seen them live. They last time they were in Florida, they were in WPB. I was in college in Orlando and couldn't make it :crybaby: I still regret it.
  11. WOW! What a coincidence! I've downloaded some Radiohead-songs today! I became a fan when I first saw this crappy movie called Vanilla Sky, but that movie has the BEST songs, like some from Radiohead. Yay!
  12. bagnshoofetish: you can be sure I'll pay!! This is the one band I'd kill for (well that and The Beatles, but you get the idea). And I need to correct my original post, you actually do need to pay in order to download it. I've been a fan since I was like 15-16 and borrowed OK Computer from a friend. It was total love at first song!!

    I missed the Houston concert when they were touring Hail to the Thief, having a ticket and all. Another reason not to do drugs ever guys. Those days of mine are long gone though!!! So I'm not letting this happen to me again if they come play anywhere near.
  13. Wow, that's cool! I haven't heard their new stuff in a while so this will give me a chance to catch up.
  14. This thread makes me feel old.
    Not fair.

    I love Radiohead, I've gone to their shows before and they are one the best live acts.

    I will be giving them £10 which is the price of a CD in the UK.
  15. Exactly my thoughs. People think it's cool to boycott the music industry but they don't realize there's a lot of people behind the production of an album, not just greedy executives.