1. I'm 25 and have an AS degree in graphic design. I currently work full time at a small photography studio doing retouching/restoration. It's an okay job...but that's the problem. It's just a job, not a career. I don't make enough to support myself and do not have health insurance. So I'm looking for a career change and would like to go into Radiography.

    Does anyone here happen to work in the field of Radiography? I'm thinking about applying for the program at my local college and was wondering if this is a good field to work in. What exactly does the job entail? What do you do on a daily basis? Do you work in a hospital or doctor's office? Do you enjoy the job?

    I have no experience in the medical field at all and happen to have a slight phobia about blood sometimes that I cannot I pass out. Is this something that a person can overcome? I really feel myself being pulled in this direction but I'm wondering if this is something I can do and will enjoy doing. Any advice?
  2. Anyone? :crybaby: