Radio Station giving away LV???

  1. Anyone in the Philadelphia area hear about a local radio station giving away 12 LV bags for the 12 days of Christmas? My mother was just tellign me about it but can't remember which station...I don't listen to the radio so I am clueless. Anyone fill a sister in on this? LOL
  2. whoa... that's insane (in a good way)! lol
  3. sweet! I wonder which bags in particular?
  4. hmm- not to be cynical but I'm thinking they're probably fake. A dozen Speedy 25s would cost over $7k and even 12 pochettes would cost $3,400. Add tax, and you've got one very expensive endeavor most radio stations wouldn't have the budget for. Sure they have giveaways, but the vast majority of prizes are donated by businesses for free publicity. When it's not given to them free, the prize is generally small- one of my local radio stations had a Wii last year and made those vying for it constantly drink water over a period of several hours just for the chance to win that stupid $300 console, and one woman died. So unless they think they can get thousands of dollars worth of ratings from it, I doubt they'd do it.
  5. ^I believe you're referring to the end 107.9 in sacramento? this past summer the same radio station was giving free LVs away. I heard they were giving it away again this past fall. have you seen any of the winners with they're bags? I was always curious to whether or not, if they were giving away real ones.
  6. Wow. There was a radio station here in Ny that was giving away the dj's favorite things. Among the things were a few lv pieces. The gave away a diffrent item every day for about a month. I called in on the day they were giving away the keepalls. I didn't get it though
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking they might be fake too... I can understand if they gave away one LV bag every year, but giving away one everyday for 12 days? :s
  8. They did this were i live too but not with only lv. It was a week or so and you could win all keinds of bags. They were not the most exspensive ones. They would say, congrats you won an 600€ costing lv. Maybe the radio is different here they give away all keinds of exspensive stuff
  9. A Radio Station in Brisbane gave away a Breast Job... that costs about $8000. Don't see why a few handbags is any different?
  10. Well, I live in DC and our radio station always does "Pick-A-Purse" once a year...they gave out 2 or 3 LV's this year, lots of Coach, some Dooney's, MJ...a bit of everything. I never get called... :sad:
  11. If they are giving away fake LV bags it would really suck for the winners. Here in The Netherlands they even give away a trip in to the space...
  12. I'm in the Philly area so I will let you know wich station it is. I know last year they were also giving handbags, you chose your favorite designer and the bag value wasn't supposed to be higher than $1k.
  13. They will probably just go to no one.