Radiant Engagement Rings

  1. I am currently looking for Radiant Engagement Ring :graucho:and was wondering if anyone has one?:confused1: Could share pictures?:confused1: And specks on the Radiants? :confused1:I currently just finished reading the book, "How To Buy a Diamond" by Fred Cuellar and his suggestions for Radiant were the following:
    Table% 53-65
    Total Depth% 56-65
    Crown Angle 32-35
    Crown Height 11.2-16.2%
    Girdle Thickness (Medium) 0.7%-2.7%
    Pavilion Angle 43.3-46.8
    Pavilion Depth 47.1-53.1
    Polish and Symmetry atleast Good

    Does anyone have different specks that I should be looking at?:confused1:
  2. You should definitely head over to Pricescope and search for "radiants". Quite a few people have them on that board. As with all diamonds, I think you really need to see them in person - the specs might look great, but maybe not as great in person. Each diamond is different.

  3. tara_one has radiant cut ring...she might help you :smile:
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I do not know why my pic came back so ginormous. Sorry.
    This is my engagement ring radiant center with princesss side
  6. fleurdelis..it's a gorgeous ring
  7. Ohh I LOOOOOOOVE your wedding band!!!
  8. It's Gorgeous!!!
  9. you should go in person to the dimaond district in NY. Do you know where that is?
    You can see them in person and will get a MUCH better deal than a retail store.
  10. ^^^I agree!
    It's on 47th Street and 5th Ave to 6th Ave. The F/D/V or B (I think)subway to Rockefeller Ctr. take you there.

    Ooops! I see you live in LI, so ^just in case you do not know where to go.
  11. georgous ring!!! I love it
  12. wow your ring is gorgegous where did you buy it?
  13. I don't post much in this subforum, but I have a radiant cut ring. I don't agree with Fred Cuellar much, but he's not that far off on his specs. Most radiants I have seen with depths and tables in the mid 60's are pretty good. Of course seeing them in person is always best. On pricescope, the people that post about radiants don't seem to get may replies, so maybe this cut isn't the most popular in the world. However, when done well, this is a beautifully cut diamond. You might also want to check out the Original Radiant Cut diamonds. The website is radiantcut.com. It will tell you where they are sold. Here's a pic of mine.
  14. ^ I love the sapphire and diamond combination of your ring! Very pretty!
  15. I got my ring in the Diamond district in NY. IT was an upgrade. My first ring was and emerald cut. My second was a princess. This last upgrade I did radiant because it was the best of both worlds. I am a fan of squarish cuts and love the shape of emerald but the brillance of the princess, so I got radiant.