Mar 23, 2006
England, UK.
I guess I can see where some might interpret it as being a bit redolent of the suggestion that being white is somehow preferable to sharing with 86% or so per cent of the planet's population the condition of non-whiteness...

Very good point, SP. :yes:

To assume that being told you (or your child) are not white is racism, you have to be of the (ridiculous) opinion, that being 'white' is somehow preferable to the alternative...


Toya T
Nov 29, 2006
Fort Worth,Texas
Your cousin did the right thing. But children shouldnt be taught to be racist no one at that but it happens. But i think he put her in her place and that mom is the reacist. Most little kids i know are friendly to everyone every race,shape and size.My son is and we're black he has white friends and hispanic friends asian friends and brown friends lol... as he calls black people.And he treats them all the same with respect as we all should.


Mar 29, 2006
My mom just told me about something that my aunt told her happened with younger cousin. He's 9 and we know most of his friends because he lives two blocks down from us. Anyway, he is friend with this boy George, who is black, and they get along really well. Not to mention, this kid is super nice and polite. So, he's walking to George's house, who lives on the same block as him, and sees this girl, Christina. I've met this little girl. She is very stuck up and annoying. :sad: Also, she has two white parents but is Chinese (I think) she's adopted. Anyway, he saw her and she's all where you going? He's all to George's house. She says oh I don't like him. From what my aunt and cousin say, she always says things like that and never hangs around with nonwhite kids. So, my cousin says to her, you know you're not white and walks off. So, she tells her mom. Now, her mom is saying my cousin is racist! :nuts: What do you guys think? :confused1:

lol sorry but I find that funny. :nuts:
I applaud your cousin for sticking up for his friend. Racial and ethnic classifications have long been used to destroy people and I believe that smart parents go out of their way to ameliorate the far reaching effects of these despicable strictures.

I agree that, taken out of context, it sounds like your cousin was in the wrong. But it may in fact be the subtle ingrained behavior of the little girl's parents that is the real transgression. By mentioning race at all, your cousin used the out moded connotations of race to wound the girl. Whether she deserved it or not, this wound may keep alive the infection that is racism. It was a noble gesture for your cousin to stick up for George, but I wish there could have been a way for him to do it without mentioning race or physical appearance. To paraphrase the words of Martin Luther King, we long for the day when "people will be judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character."