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  1. Unbelievable but I'm in NYC visiting and we were at the Empire State Building (I've never actually been despite coming to NYC at least a dozen times). Anyways, one of the girls in the photo lines made some rude comments to my sister and mom, something like 'no habla espanol' in a nasty tone (sorry I can't spell it) and in a really rude manner and was looking us up and down (we were dressed up from dinner). Anyways, it was really upsetting.

    We're not of hispanic descent but that woman's attitude was just unacceptable to me - not to mention the fact that I'm not going to put up with someone thinking they can get away with being nasty like that. So we went to her manager who ended up being hispanic! OMG, the manager was really angry and took our information.

    Can you believe some people?
  2. I hate racist idiots!!!!!!! :rant: Especially the people who are so dumb to make racist comments about someone who's not even the race the comments are about... :censor:
  3. SO, she was pissed because you did not speak Spanish?? Or she thought you were Hispanic?
  4. She clearly thought we were Hispanic and was being rude because of that - she was american and didn't speak Spanish.
  5. What a LOSER, sorry you had to deal with that :censor:
  6. Oh my gosh! I know people can be so ignorant! Good thing you went to tell the manager! I really hate when that happens! It is the same thing with my dad, one day we went to a restaurant and he was the only one at the table because we a all went to the restroom, so the waiter came, and asked whether he was going to order or no. My dad doesnt speak engliish that well, so he was telling him why he lives here if he's not going to learn language, but very rude. I came, and told the manager, and I never saw him the rest of the night!
  7. I'm Sorry....No One Should Feel Uncomfortable Like That.
  8. I'm sorry this happened to your family!

    What the :censor: is wrong with people today?? I cannot understand why some people are so hateful.:rant:
  9. So what did the manager do?
  10. That is ridiculous... one of the guys I work with said that most narrow-minded racist comment today- it pissed me off and I let him know.

    Sorry about that- but I hope you are loving NYC!
  11. I can't stand people like that!! I'm half Mexican and half white and I live in a town that is basically all white. Some people try to guess what race I am. Alot think I'm Vietnamese or some other kind of race. I got that alot in school too. I'm proud to say that I'm part taco and roast beef!! LOL. I like being the outcast in my tiny town, makes me stand out from the rest.
  12. Sorry that you have to deal with that ..so unacceptable!!! *HUGS*
  13. I hear you. That has happen to me a few times when I was younger (in my early teens). I'm Filipino, and I have been mistaken for chinese and vietnamese. It's like:wtf:
  14. I'm sorry you had to go through that! Racist people suck. :rant: I'm glad the manager took your side though! I hate when people automatically assume. And I just hate rude people in general. I hope that girl got fired!

    chanelvgirl, I can relate. I'm Vietnamese. For some reason most asians are always lumped together in the Chinese category.

    A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street and this car is rounding the corner making strange rattling noises and literally breaks down as it is passing me. So, here I am minding my own business when 2 girls, maybe in their late teens (18-19?) start shouting out of the window "Hey, that's a chinese girl. Hey, chinese girl! Ching chong ching!" Over and over. And the 2 guys in the front seat were just laughing, like it was the funniest thing they ever heard. :rant:

    I was boiling mad...but I just kept walking. How do you have the nerve to try and insult me when your car has just broken down in front of me. Really.
  15. I just don´t understand that sort of behaviour :shrugs: Sorry it happened to you.
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