Racing Green?

  1. Has anybody got a picture of that colour?

  2. Or maybe somebody have seen it and can describe it?

    I am a bit lost...
  3. Sorry, never heard of it.
  4. Is it the Kelly green?
  5. I remember reading a few days ago that somebody wrote either here or on eBay (erroneously) about a racing green bag, but I remember noticing it was a Sapin green, which makes sense as racing green is meant to be a very dark green , a color that was traditionally used for english racing cars in the first part of 20th century.:shame:

    I am sure if you google it and you look for images you will find it, and I am sure it is Sapin.

    Kelly green is much much lighter
  6. Thank you for replying. I do not know the proper "Balenciaga" name for the colour, but in my shop, it said Racing Green on their tag. That confused me as I have never heard of it, so I thought, I would check with you. It is a dark green, but not nearly black. You can definitely tell, that it is green and the leather is so soft, but veiny, I think you call it ;) :idea: I am not a great fan of that but you do not seem to notice it so much on a darker bag or? And have I got it right, that you can give the bags something (conditioner?) and they become so smooth? Does that "erase" little scatches and stuff as well? I still have a lot to learn, I can tell...

  7. Just do a search on "sapin" and you will find pics on this forum. ;)
  8. I think you might be right. Maybe I should go back with the Camel City, I have got "on loan" at the moment and take the Sapin (?) City with me home instead for a few days?! :yes:

    I would still like your info on that conditioner-thing? Does it make it smooth and remove little scratches and stuff? (Mentioned it in my post further up...)

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