rachiem, did you buy the Ledbury?

  1. Just being nosey, see someone has bought it on buy-it-now, was it you?
  2. yes Mrsspoon that was me!!!!
    I just couldn't resist it, I didn't want to loose it for the sake of a few ££, maybe I could have got it cheaper but they seem really few and far between!!
    I haven't heard from the seller yet but it's all paid, so hopefully I'll receive it in the next couple of days.
    Sadly enough, I feel a bit deflated and wondering what I can buy next!!
    May have to sell a few more of my items which I don't use and get my paypal balance back up!!
  3. Congrats - I know how much you wanted it! Can't wait to see piccies!:tup::nuts:
  4. Oops double post!
  5. Wow, wow, wow! Congratuations! :nuts:

    Must admit when I checked the items I was watching and saw that it had sold I felt a bit sad for you :crybaby:until it dawned on me that perhaps you were the buyer!

    I agree, some pics once it arrives would be fab!