Rachel's top...

  1. Does anyone know where Rachel Bilsons top is from? Im in love.... :heart:


    Scroll down, the pictures are right after Christina Aguilera.
  2. oh, this was in Grazia magazine in the UK this week. They said it was from Rokit which is a vintage store over here in the uk.
    link here
    ROKIT - true vintage clothing

    but they also said that it was very similar to a marc by marc jacobs s/s 06 top, so you might be able to find similar there

    hope that helps :smile:
  3. i don't think that was Rachel...isn't that Nicky Hilton ?
  4. ^ yeah that's Nicky...
  5. If you do mean Nickys top, its Pucci. This season.
  6. no, I think they have updated the site. It was rachel in a cute little red top, but not there now :biggrin:
  7. Yup, thats right! Im trying to attach the picture again, but I'm having problems.
  8. I did it!! :yahoo:
    (I take back the problems part!) :P