Rachel's cloudy bundle tote - anyone have it yet?

  1. Just curious if anyone who preordered received theirs yet and if so what they think? :yahoo:

  2. i need a zoomed pic... but it looks great here...
  3. Did you do a search? People have it or had it and returned it. . . there should be more pics if you search.
  4. Love it, but the smaller one (square bag) is even better looking. I feel you loose the concept of the collection once you enter the tote bags. They all end up looking the same with the same shape.
  5. here's some more pictures of it--> Swanky I just found SoCal's thread on it...will look for more :nuts:


  6. I hope to see them today (Chanel trunk show at KoP). I'll report back!
  7. They have that bag at the Chanel Boutique in NM. I looked at it and am still thinking about it...
    Ask for Karen: 813-877-5700 She is the best SA there.
  8. I do like it, although i still prefer the classic lines of the bowler and similar shapes such as the PNY Doctors Tote. I like the little keychain with the CCs though, and the style seems really nice and roomy. I would still have one!!
  9. I got mine today and I really like it, my only complaint is that it keeps falling off my shoulder.

    I also received the Coco Cabas leather bag and it is TDF.:love:
  10. Cilla, could we see a picture of you wearing the cloudy bundle tote? thanks!!
  11. I love it!
  12. The E/W version is in SFA's "Want It" catalogue (p. 207).

    Item # is 441-5568-3365
  13. Here you go Macp6 the pictures did not come out all that well but I hope it gives you some idea of what it looks like on. I am 5'2 and about 124 lbs, still desperately trying to lose those last 10 lbs from my pregnancy.:sad: I had on all black today so the bag sort of blends in, sorry the pictures aren't better.

    DSC_0068.jpg DSC_0074.jpg
  14. cilla, is this the one Rachel has? Or the smaller one that costs $2195??
  15. The cost of my bag was 2,295.00. I believe it is the same size as Rachel's but I am not completely positive.