Rachelnasvik.com 25% Off Everything-From Lucky Deals

  1. http://rachelnasvik.com/

    Enter Code...luckybreaks4 at checkout to save 25% on everything!
  2. Thanks for the post, I hadn't noticed this code in Lucky.

    I like many of these styles, especially the Penelope. I wonder if the outside clip over the outside pocket is difficult to deal with...or maybe easier to leave unhooked. I'd love to hear from RN owners re: this or other styles.
  3. hi citychris! i'm loving the Penelope in Petrol and that beautiful caramel brown... very tempting.
  4. I love both those colors too...I've never seen RN bags at any Boston area stores, have you?
  5. nope... no experience at all with them, but i really like the look of some of them. i need to look into the RN return policy. the name just isn't out there enough for me to feel like i could recoup my $ via eBay if need be. there is one RN on there now but not much activity in the last 60 days.