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  1. Article 1:
    Fashion's No 1 stylist, or just a great big zero?

    PROFILE Rachel Zoe

    [​IMG] Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe swept into London last week to find a city poised to loathe every inch of her infamous size 0 frame. The great weight debate had rumbled through fashion week and was reaching a climax just as Zoe — an American fashionista the Los Angeles Times once claimed was “single-handedly bringing anorexia back” — hit town. It couldn’t have been more awkward if Glenn Hoddle had turned up at the Paralympics. Zoe — her name rhymes with faux — put a brave face on things. “I love London so much,” she simpered to guests at designer Julien Macdonald’s pre-show bash at the Sanderson hotel on Wednesday. “I’d move here if it weren’t for the weather. I’m the palest I’ve been in ages.”
    Being pale simply doesn’t cut it with the former fashion journalist. Neither do baggy jeans, trainers, small sunglasses or, God forbid, body fat. Zoe, 34 (unkind fashion types insist she looks 10 years older) is a stylist and for the past 18 months the look she has devised for her long list of celebrity clients — pin thin, orange tan, tousled mane; think Brigitte Bardot on crack — has come to define modern beauty.
    For those not up to speed, being a stylist means Zoe helps famous people (mostly young actresses such as Cameron Diaz and Kate Beckinsale) choose what to wear to red carpet events, photo shoots or sometimes just to their local Starbucks. She charges $6,000 a day for this privilege. No wonder the closets of her Beverly Hills home boast more than 400 coats and “literally countless” pairs of shoes.
    Though not a designer, photographer or magazine editor, Zoe has become one of the most powerful women in fashion. The ensembles she chooses for “my girls” fill the pages of magazines such as OK! or Heat and add millions to the profits of her designer friends, who adore her.
    But her most devoted clients, such as Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley and wild child actress Lindsay Lohan, are decidedly scrawny and all battle speculation about their weight. Known as the Zoe-bots, they have matching toothpick arms and sunken faces barely able to support the fashionably enormous sunglasses their svengali encourages them to wear.
    To her detractors Zoe — who weighs no more than a kitten herself — has therefore replaced Kate Moss as the number one culprit for society’s collective eating disorder. Some say she is the architect of size 0 mania — a fad for super skinniness that is spreading from Zoe’s home town of LA around the world.
    After a model died from heart failure brought on by fasting at a fashion show in Madrid two weeks ago, the Spanish capital banned size 0 (equivalent to a British size 4) models from catwalks. Last week there was much debate over whether Britain should follow suit, with designers Sir Paul Smith and Allegra Hicks calling for the industry to stop using girls with a body mass index below 18 (officially unhealthy).
    And Zoe’s view? “There’s a small grey area between being too skinny and being a thin person,” she has said. Though she also thinks “an eating disorder is a very sad thing — it kills people. I would never in a million years tell a client they had to lose weight. There’s a size for everybody”, adding in her defence, “People don’t realise that I’ve worked with people who are size 8 and 10.”
    Though many will agree that there is indeed a “size for everybody” some find it mystifying that a “stylist” has become so famous in the first place. But Zoe is part of a new guard of celebrity valets starting to become as well known as their charges. Phillip Bloch (who chooses Halle Berry’s Oscar gowns) and Patricia Field (who styled the girls on Sex and the City) are household names in America, and Mick Jagger’s girlfriend L’Wren Scott (Nicole Kidman’s stylist) has become a celeb in her own right. In a business where nothing sells like celebrity, Hollywood stylists are the new emperors of fashion.
    “Stylists are now critical to the fashion market and Rachel is incredibly important in the industry,” said Amy Astley, editor of Teen Vogue. “She has kick-started many of the trends you see today. She, and others like her, have opened up the fashion industry so it’s not just for insiders. Now everyone knows about labels because they read about their celebrities wearing them.”
    Born Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig in New York, she was raised in a wealthy New Jersey suburb by art collector parents. Though the house was filled with Frank Stellas and Barbara Krugers, Zoe was only interested in her mother’s closet. “It was like a candy store,” she has said of the racks of vintage Dior and Balmain.
    At 13 her mother took her to Paris. “I had saved every dime and dollar, and I walked right into Louis Vuitton and bought a bag.” It now lives with hundreds of others in a “foyer” in her walk-in wardrobe.
    Later she studied sociology and psychology at George Washington University where she met her husband, Roger Berman, an investment banker.

    They don’t have children, just a California mansion decorated in Missoni prints, Christmas holidays in St Barts and summers in St Tropez. Zoe says Roger “keeps her sane”, but he refuses to speak to her during Oscar season.
    After college she moved to New York to worked at YM and Gotham magazines, before breaking into celebrity styling. Her first clients were pop singers such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys — famous, but terminally unchic. Then she moved to LA and dropped the Rosenzweig on the advice of an agent.
    In early 2004 Zoe got a job working for Nicole Richie, daughter of the soul singer Lionel, and Paris Hilton’s sidekick on the reality TV show The Simple Life. “Nicole showed up to meet me in an airport wearing a sweatsuit,” she once recalled, “with a leopard-print neck pillow tied around her neck and an ‘I Love LA’ cap and her hair in pig tails. I think she was doing it to torture me.”
    Richie, according to mean-spirited gossip mags, was in a “chunky” phase.

    Not for long. As her clothes became more stylish (Zoe described her as “my little Barbie doll”) her body began to shrink. She took to wearing a red bracelet which people assumed signalled she was part of a group called the “friends of Ana”, and therefore anorexic. Richie said she wore it for religious reasons, but it still drew attention to her freakishly thin wrists. “The smallest on any human being over the age of 12,” Zoe has said.
    Zoe’s other clients were beginning to disappear too. Jessica Simpson, the pop singer, and Mischa Barton, star of television hit The OC, looked merely willowy in Zoe’s trademark skinny jeans and floaty, disco-inspired cocktail dresses — but shockingly thin in their bikinis.
    “That girl Rachel Zoe definitely has something to do with (the skinny trend),” said one gossip mag journalist. “I’ve seen her eat — and she doesn’t. It’s the classic ‘living for clothes, dying for fashion’.”
    Another stylist claimed: “I’ve worked with Rachel all day on a shoot, and basically, she drank a giant latte and smoked a bunch of cigarettes.”
    Zoe finds such criticism grating. “I don’t think it’s fair to say that I’m responsible because I’m a thin person, that because I’m influencing their style I’m influencing what they eat. There was this crazy rumour that I was getting diet pills from Mexico and distributing them. I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve never even tried cocaine. I don’t do drugs — I’m too much of a control freak’.”
    Nevertheless, a picture of 19-year-old Lohan seemed to show most of her ribs were visible on her back. And yet perhaps we should have been worried for her wallet as much her waistline.
    Lohan took Zoe with her to Europe to promote her film Herbie: Fully Loaded in 2005. For the two-week trip they brought 10 trunks of clothes, with Lohan changing outfits three or more times a day. No surprise then to learn that, according to the American magazine Life & Style Weekly, the actress spent more than $1m on clothes and accessories last year.
    “Her closets are overflowing with things like $8,000 Prada dresses and $2,000 Balenciaga bags,” Zoe confessed. “She has so many clothes she never even wears some of them.”
    Though Women’s Wear Daily recently called the Zoe look “tired”, she came to London to style Macdonald’s catwalk show. The worry is that, by working with one of Britain’s leading designers, Zoe will bring her scary-thin LA aesthetic to bear on the Brits. “Oh no, we’re much too sensible for that,” says a celebrity photographer, “and Rachel is actually very down to earth, especially for the fashion industry. Yes she’s thin, but she’s not telling anyone else to be.”
    A nice theory, but next May Warner Books will publish Style: A to Zoe, in which the stylist and her famous friends such as Tom Ford and Naomi Campbell will offer tips on how to look fabulous — ie, impossibly thin. Then Zoe has said she wants to start her own fashion label.
    The well-covered women of Britain might prefer she do so in California.
  2. Article 2:
    The skinny on celeb dresser Rachel Zoe

    London Fashion Week kicked off with a skinny model brouhaha. But Fashion Season must say there wasn't a single model that we spotted on the London runways who didn't look like the Michelin Man standing next to Rachel Zoe.
    One of the world's hottest celebrity stylists right now, Zoe has helped hone the fashion "looks" of celebs such as Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton. The apparently vanishing physiques of some of whom, it should be noted, have been the subjects of quite some recent speculation.
    Although we had watched her arrive at Thursday night's Emporio Armani do in a strapless, white, fringed evening dress and not thought too much of it – nothing like two rows of heavy fringing to add a few pounds – on the following evening, after the Julien MacDonald show, we were struck by just how petite Zoe really is. In town to style MacDonald's show, Zoe appeared that night to have borrowed her midnight blue, long-sleeved, full-length Roberto Cavalli number from her big sister. Whatever the explanation – and there must surely be a plethora of them – the dress was quite obviously pinned at the back, as you would on a shop dummy, to make it fit properly.
    I think that many designers need a liaison between the celebrity and themselves because I don't think that they necessarily know ... how to dress models most of the time. But they don't necessarily know how to build a dress around a real person, who might have insecurities and things like that. So I think a stylist is someone who is very hands-on with the celebrity and very intimate and has a relationship with them. So I think they need that voice to say, "OK, this is what's going to work, this is what she's going to like, this is what she's not going to like".
    [Nervous laugh] Thirteen years.
    I've been working this hard for 13 years.
    I don't know. I think it's media and I think the fact that I've had a very similar style for a very long time and I think maybe that it's caught on and people suddenly think that I'm influencing the world of fashion. I don't know, I don't try and change anybody.
    [Nervous laugh] I just want to hide out and crawl up in a ball for two months this season.
    The minute they announce the awards.
    I don't sleep for two months. I don't leave my house very often because I'm in fittings and there's people bringing me dresses and jewellery. It's just extremely stressful and extremely competitive amongst the designers and it gets very stressful because a lot of them are my very dear friends and it's very hard to sort of hurt people because their job is relying on that. It's a lot of pressure. It's become a lot more serious than it might necessarily need to be.
    I don't do it. I think that if the product is good enough they have to stand behind that. I think that contracts and being paid money and stuff, that's something that if it's a deal between a celebrity and a designer – that's their business. And if the stylist is involved in that, then that's great. But I think it's different for every designer and for every celebrity.
    I try not to get involved in politics. I went to school in DC but I was definitely not a poli-sci major.
    I get asked about it every day.
    I've been thin my entire life and I think it's unfair that people who are actually thin ... Look at Laurie [points to friend, standing next to her] – she's thin. Do you think she's getting yelled at every day? I think that there's a lot of people who are naturally thin people who are actually very healthy and in fact there are some people who are too thin, trying to gain weight.
    Have I? No. I think it's been a debate that's been going on for 20 years. And I think it's going to come out in public, it's going to go away for a while, it will come out again. It's going to go back and forth. It's never going to be resolved. You know?
  3. I read somewhere that she sells crystal meth to all her clients to help them suppress their appetite.
  4. In a new interview with the Daily Mail, former model turned designer and boutique owner Paige Adams-Geller reveals:

    "I kept wondering why I would see an actress one week and she would look normal, and the next she would look gaunt, and I found out it is all down to crystal meth [which suppresses the appetite] the latest must-have accessory here in LA." She also told me [the reporter] the name of the 'celebrity stylist' who is now suddenly so in demand, simply because she also acts as the stars' drug dealer.


    P.S. Just FYI: Rachel Zoe styles Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Nicole Richie.

    from perezhilton.com
  5. Wow, I read that entire article! I found it quite interesting! I think she might influence them on getting skinny. But who knows.
  6. Yup, I read that too! I love reading perezhilton.com. Who knows, but if she does that, gosh, what has the world come to?
  7. Very interesting...she looks so old for being thirty something. I don't personally like how all her clients have all the same stuff and look exactly the same. The clone thing is a bit creepy...
  8. I find the way she answers this question interesting. When someone repeats the question to the person asking ("Have I?"), they're usually about to lie. They're just buying themselves time to formulate their untruthful response. By repeating the question posed to her, she is basically telling me that she does indeed have a problem that she's trying to hide.
  9. Really interesting articles. I read both of them. We cannot deny that she has her own sense of style which i love but it is just my opinion. But it is not pure luck that all her clients have the same size....
  10. It looks like she was hit in the face with a brick repeatedly.

    I've heard the crystal meth rumors too. Wouldn't surprise me.
  11. I thought the same about Zoe and her girls using meth...not just the skinniness but the condition of their skin. Rachel and Nicole look way older than they are!

    There is this rumor that you can control your meth use for weight control...a couple friends of mine tried the "2 bumps a day diet" which worked for a month or two (they looked great) but suddenly they both became scary,sketchy and way out of control. One stopped and gained all the weight back and more...the other girl I haven't seen for a very long time.
  12. I didn't know she was a GW grad. I am too. I wonder what years she attended.
  13. I have to say -- I am shocked she graduated from George Washington, much less any university.
  14. I wondered if I was the only one who noticed how incredibly bad her face looks. The lines on her forehead are worse than my Mom's & she's 60! I'm only a year younger than her but Geez! I know I look way better!
  15. ^^^^
    Yeah, she's far more aged than she should be... maybe she smokes a lot?