rachel zoe and judith leiber bags??

  1. hello all!

    I heard that lindsay lohan´s stylist(aka miss anorexia), rachel zoe designed a new line of bags in coll. with judith leiber.

    does anyone have pics and prices?

    I think with famous clients such as nicole richie and lilo, it will sell well....

    any thoughts??
  2. I have a big problem with racheal zoe that gofugyourself has pointed out. You know you need to change your stylist when you start to look exactly like your stylist. Nicole ritchie and racheal zoe look like twins sometimes.
  3. wow, thats hideous!
    I think she is the main reason for the new anorexia wave in hollywood...."you can only look good in size 00 jeans"....god!
  4. Yeh I agree - I don't like her style at all. I think those Leiber bags are awful on the links that pippop provided, it's all just bling bling bling and no actual clever or interesting design.
  5. Yikes! Not my cup of tea.
  6. they are mucho $$$$$ too, so not worth it for the price.
  7. just because she knows how to dress people, doesn't mean she has what it takes to be a designer.

    So what, i buy her bag and my style is supposed to be upgraded? puhlease! LOL
  8. The bags are fug (much like Ms. Zoe herself).
  9. My feelings are mixed about Rachel Zoe. I LOVE what she does on Nicole Richie. But I really dont like Lindsays style. Plus there seems to be a lack of orginality in her styling. Like Mischa and Lindsay were wearing the same coat. Oh and did I mention. Rachel is RUINING Kiera Knightley's classic beautiful style?
    The bags are ugly. They look cheap rip-offs of the vintage Gucci bags when Tom Ford was working there.
  10. ^Oh no, is she "styling" Keira now?
  11. Yes apparentley she picked that maroon fishtail Vera Wang frock that Keira wore to the Oscars. I guess it was okay but I hope Keira doesn't get "Zoed" as well - is it a coincidence that she's recently lost weight and dropped a dress size?
  12. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  13. I agree- Rachel Zoe is seriously SCARY looking! She needs to dress more her age. And her bags do look like Tom Ford's dragon/ snake logo bags.
  14. I have to say that I like the snake clasp, as it reminds me of antique jewellery. :yes:

    I loved Tom Ford for Gucci and YSL, but he was obviously heavily influenced by antique jewellery, so I don't think he would claim to have the copyright on snake clasps in general! :biggrin: