Rachel Weisz

  1. I just love her! I've seen every movie she's been in and saw her in a play a few years back.

    Doesn't she look amazing in these pictures? If only Britney Spears would take some cues from her...


    From JustJared.com.
  2. I can't see the pics, but she's gorgeous!
  3. She looks great, I wish I looked like that running errands & her baby is so cute
  4. She is one of my absolute favorites!
  5. I :heart: Rachel!!! She is beautiful and a great actress too!!!
  6. She's really pretty and talented.
  7. The babies face in the second pic has me crackin up!
  8. i love her, and i love her bf/husband? they're a great couple
  9. I :heart: Rachael. She's so beautiful. I think they're a great couple, and their baby is so cute.:flowers:
  10. No pic, but I like her
  11. I don't see the pic either... but I :heart: her!!
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