Rachel Stevens Shopping At Selfridges In London

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  2. she looks cute.
  3. Thanks for posting.

    I wonder how she can afford to buy at Selfridges. All the other SClub7 members are either in bankrupcy or close to it (they reportedly earnt less then £40,000 a year). I guess she got hold of a good finanial advisor...
  4. WOW I totally forgot about S Club 7...I thought they had totally vanished! At least Rachel still looks fantastic!
  5. She is the face of focus dailies.
  6. Like her bag and shoes.
  7. Nice bag !
  8. Am I the only one who has no idea who she is?
  9. ^ Thanks for clearing that up..never seen that show..hehehe....
  10. i think they are mostly popular in england.
  11. She is singer!
  12. She looks really nice in those piccies. She really needs to do a presenting gig or something soon, not been very visable lately (did I read she is gonna be in celeb dancing on ice?)
  13. Ive allways liked her, she seems to have had a better career than the rest of the band. good for her !! :smile:
  14. Awww....I loved S Club 7 as a teen! :heart: This makes me want to go listen to some of their songs again :p