Rachel Roy

  1. Not sure if she should go here or the celebrity section. Do you like her designs? She was on Oprah the other day. I love the urban classy style! What do you think?
  2. I saw that show. She's a beautiful woman. I like how she said she designs for all shapes and that she is not a size 0 or anywhere close to it.

    Loved all the clothes!
  3. Did she day that? I think her stuff goes up to a 10.
  4. I like it but it's not my style.
  5. Really? She said that exactly. She doesn't look like a small woman either.

    She also said something about how she makes outfits bigger to fit into a smaller number size.
  6. Yeah, I did hear her say something about making the outfit bigger and how she likes pants to be baggy.
  7. I like her. She always looks so elegant.
  8. agree I love her style ..I am slowly changing my wardrobe to have a look like hers
  9. i like her stuff.
  10. She is definitely my current style inspiration. I adore her look.
  11. I have seen some of her dresses love them!
  12. I like her clothes. Her designs have a lot of material, draping, and ruching. They're elegant, but very forgiving too. Her clothes are pretty pricey, for a non-couture label. I think she's gorgeous, and has a great Birkin collection too!

    She's married to hip hop mogul Damon Dash, who is Jay Z's enemy. So I doubt you would ever see Beyonce in anything by Rachel Roy.
  13. I like a lot of my clothes but they're too pricey.
  14. I :heart: her dresses, but don't know who she is...(saw a pic of her once), did she actually study fashion design?
  15. i like some of her designs. she comes strong this season...