Rachel Ray

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  1. Did anyone see the premier of Rachel Ray today? Looks like it's going to have a lot of audience interaction.
  2. I thought I liked her, but so early in the morning she is way to loud... She grates on my nerves.
  3. I really like her 30 minutes meals but I didn't care for her talk show.
  4. her shows are ok... gives martha a run for her money
  5. she's so loud! can't stand her. tried watching her show this morning, but just couldn't do it..
  6. I thought I liked her until I watched her show.

    Someone get this girl a stylist!!!!
  7. Liked her guest spots on Oprah. Her own show just a little too much for me. Like Oprah, a bit to self-important for my taste. Think TIME magazine got it right: "She's like the high school cheerleader who's most popular in school, but who everybody secretly hates."
  8. yeah, she is one loud lady.. but i like her other shows better..
  9. I have nothing against her but she's too loud for me and always gives me headache anytime I watch 30 mins meal ( I have to mute the tv)
    Go figure I can't watch her talk show if what she does is talking...
  10. She is acting like a total spazz on that morning show. She needs to stick to her original cooking shows. She is soooo corny. I used to like her alot, then I watched her show and now I want to kick her ass for 30 minutes or less! LOL
  11. Awwww...give her a chance to work out the kinks! LOL

    I like her. But I do think her new show needs a little work yet. But with Oprah behind her, there's probably a fair chance they'll get things worked out.
  12. It's funny reading through the thread, that most of us agree we like her on all her shows but the morning show.
  13. I always think some of her hair is going to fall into the food, yuck!
  14. She needs to stick to a half hour cooking show. A half hour is all I can handle of her.
  15. I used to like her....now she just gets on my nerves