Rachel Ray

  1. Is it just me, or is she incredibly annoying?
  2. Nope, it's not just you. Saying "delish" and "EVOO" in every other sentence does get grating after a while. I haven't watched her shows since last year. But I must admit some of her recipes are nice, easy, and tasty.
  3. I like her :smile: lol. I miss her now that I live in Germany, but I do have her 365 cookbook :smile:
  4. I don't hate her but I just hate her voice...it's like nails to a blackboard for me.At the beginning of her show it was tolerable but lately it has been getting so crooky and so of pitched at times...that it's just painful to watch her show/listen to her.

    I like Giada DeLaurentis way better! Her food is actually yummy looking.
  5. Its not just you. I can't stand her.

    I agree with hellosunshine - Giada's show is much better and her food is amazing.
  6. I like her, but "EVOO" IS annoying. My husband can't stand her. We both like Giada much better...and that older blonde southern lady...her laugh makes me laugh. :smile:
  7. Oh my Lord, she is so annoying. I guess she is getting her own talk show on ABC or NBC or CBS (one of those). Man, that is one show I will not be watching. She's just so SHRILL.
  8. lol i enjoy her altho it seems she has a tad attitude and fakeness in a way!!!

    i love food and everytime i watch foodnetwork on the airplane, i get hungry. real hungry.
  9. I just think she's corny.
  10. She's a bit corny and hyper, but I love her recipe. So easy and so quick!!
  11. She's annoying and can't cook! I love it when Anthony Bourdain slams her.

    Whats the point when she says EVOO? She usually just says "that's extra virgin olive oil" right after.

    She kinda looks the Joker...
  12. The show is going to be on FOX and just yesterday when I was watching So You Think You Can Dance..I saw the commerical for her show and she was like..." i don't always talk about food...I have important topics that I'd like to discuss with everyone" and at the end it mentions that the show is being produced by Oprah and her company..Harpo Studios.:rolleyes:

    Gosh, she's irritating!

    Oh and I decided to google Giada earlier today and I read this article on how her husband is a fashion designer and he designs for the clothing store, Anthropology. How neat! ;)
  13. I love food network...I love watching evry single shows from there. I can't STAND her voice. I must be honest here, I got migrant anytime I hear she talk. I have to mute or put it in really low volume antyime I watch her show.
    Is it me or she scream all the time when she talk
    Yes..I find her annoying too..

    I love Giada..

    Have you heard about this petition??

  14. I love her
  15. I love Giada too!

    One time, I was watching the Food Network and Rachel Ray was on, making a "french dessert". And I was like, "Ooooh, this might be good." She sliced a dount in half and put vaniila ice in it. Donuts and ice cream do not a french dessert make girlfriend!