Rachel Ray

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    Sorry ! I find her so annoying :s
  2. oh my EYES :wtf: i know she's loved by everyone and blah blah but she just grates on my nerves :yucky:
  3. whatever she is on I want some. she is always just so darn happy. argh.
  4. AMEN!! can't stand her either

    -i swear there was this ONE episode of 40$ a day, where she had a big breakfast, which was a bit pricey, so her tip was to BOX UP THE REST, and eat the leftovers for lunch to save money... uhm, i GET it, many people do stuff like that, but if you're going to bother filming a tv show about how to utilize your 40$, DONT SAY THAT!! lol

    SOOO glad there are some people out there that share my feelings!
  5. O ya!! and it SOOOOO bugs me how she ALWAYS has to tuck her shirt into her jeans -its just so YUCK and annoying!!! (sorry to any RR fans, JMO, but... i'm more of a Giada girl!)
  6. What is so hard about saying "extra-virgin olive oil"???? I dislike her.
  7. I do like some of her recipes BUT - it's pretty bad when your wax figure is better looking than you are IRL!
  8. Honestly!! She says it anyways, right after the whole E.V.O.O. routine
  9. She's manic. I get tired just watching her.
  10. OMG It took me a while to realize that was a wax figure and I feared hearing her voice in stereo. :push:

    I'm sure she's an amazing chef and an awesome person, but her voice just grates.
  11. For some reason I don't like her anymore. lol! I used to think she was ok, but now, I can't satnd her! lol! She seems fake.
  12. That whole E V O O thing drives my husband and I crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. She talks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on her show! We mute her just so we don't have to hear her. Some of her recipes are good, and I'm sure she's really sweet, but she literally doesn't stop talking for the whole time her show is on!!! Yes janny328 I really like Giada too!
  13. hahahaha... it took me a second look to figure out that was a wax figure... at first I thought it was her sister or something... :lol:
  14. lol~!!!
  15. She was fine in small doses when she just started out, but way too much exposure now