Rachel Pally Warehouse Sale Additional Day - 8/23/08

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. I'll be there working, so if you need help figuring out a mexico dress or a full tie tube dress, ask for Genevieve:smile:
  3. Hi Genevieve
    I am curious...
    Will prices be lowered at all and will they have any additional pieces they did not have the week before? I would love to take our intern....who is really on a strict budget. See you there!
  4. I doubt that prices will be lower than last weekend's sale, since everything is already priced below wholesale, and I don't think anything new will be added, but I can't say for sure. There is so much left though, so it's worth going!
  5. does anyone know what the pricing is like? im trying to decide if its worth going
  6. ^^ Prices are all below wholesale.


    Mexico Dress-- around $80
    Full Tie Tube Dress-- around $75
    Short Sleeveless Caftan-- around $70

    Most dresses range from $60-$85
    Tops range from $35-$65
  7. I went last weekend on the last day like an hour before closing and they definately have a LOT of stuff left so it's worth checking out! plus everyone there with a name tag on is super helpful!
  8. Why, thank you. I'm a name tag someone:yes:
  9. ^^
    you might have helped me so thank YOU! I was prancing around in the green mexico dress right before closing haha
  10. Did you also get 2 halter dresses? Blue and pink?

  11. I am for sure going, thanks so much...
  12. It was nice to meet you at the sale! Hope you got some good pieces:smile:
  13. was there enough left over for another sale? of course my bf decided to move today and guess who got stuck helping...

  14. It was so nice to meet you and you are a doll, thanks for your help! Our intern was just over the moon with what she got, my friend also. She said, "I feel like such a grownup, buying these beauitful pieces and actually feeling like they will and can be staples in my wardrobe". We had discussed for a few weeks about feeling good in your body and dressing for now and the size you are and not the size you hope to be. Rachel's clothing makes it easy for any woman to do that.

    I got a few more pieces...a tad obsessed....so I am set! :tup: