Rachel Pally Sample Sale at her Mom's house in L.A.

  1. I just got this email from Adrian Pally, Rachel Pally's mom. I've only met Rachel a couple of times, but her mom Adrian and Grandma are the sweetest ladies ever. Rachel is very lucky to have had Adrian as her mom.

    Be sure to watch The Oprah Winfrey Show tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20th!!

    Two Rachel Pally pieces have been selected as part of Lloyd Boston's waredrobe basics!! Please check your local listings for showtimes and network information.

    For those interested, personal appointments are still available at our Los Angeles location. Please contact Adrian@rachelpally.com for more details.

  2. Adrian is a doll and a half. It's truly worth making an appointment.
  3. It's neat to get to know the local designers in austin, too bad texas is too far from california :{