rachel pally help...

  1. OK you guys....I am trying to buy Rachel Pally online and I am afraid I will order the wrong size. In general, how does Rachel Pally fit (shirts, pants, skirts, etc.)? Do the clothes usually run small, large, or right on? Any opnions will help! Thanks!
  2. i think they run a little big. plus they are all stretchy without making you look fat or bulgy.
    what size do you wear?
    i wear mostly m/l . size 8 in regular clothes but with rachel pally all my dresses are small and couple mediums.
  3. It runs big for the most part. The material is very forgiving so I'd suggest to size down. BTW, it'll help if you post the dress here so I can help you w/ sizing. Also let me know your measurements and your regular size.....
  4. I find Pally runs big too..I wear EXTRA SMALL in dresses(im like a 4 normally in pants too)
  5. I was actually looking at some genie pants. I am usually a size 8-10. I am not real "hippy" and my behind isnt too big.
  6. Rachel Pally sizing runs big, usually a size up. I have the knicker and gaucho pants, and both I went a size down. They are really flattering on and comfy enough to travel in them all day. :tup:
  7. Size down or 2, depending on how tight you want them to fit. I have the genie pants and they are huge!
  8. Does anyone know if this is true (sizes run big) for Rachel pally swimwear as well?