Rachel Nasvik bags???

  1. Any thoughts on this line or do I hold out for a Rebecca Minkoff??
  2. I think they're beautiful, I'm always tempted to buy one but I haven't yet. One thing that might be holding me back is that I saw one in Bloomingdale's that had a lot of scratches on it, that made me think the leather might be really delicate. It could also be Bloomingdale's fault though, I'm not sure they take the best care of everything they have out on the floor (you should see how dusty the Longchamp bags are, it's revolting).
  3. These look familiar:
  4. love them!!! I think they are so much more interesting than Rebecca Minkoff's styling.
  5. I've been looking at RN bags recently and really like a few of her designs. I've never seen them IRL but think I would probably prefer RN to Rebecca Minkoff bags.