Rachel Nasvik bag - what do you think?

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  1. I just received this bag from her online sale. It's really cute, but it's a lot larger than I expected. It was only $175 (half off), and the leather's nice. What do you think? I have too many large bags!

  2. Cute bag! I wanted one awhile ago but wasn't sure how the quality was. Glad to hear a positive review. I think it's a great versatile bag.
  3. cute.. the shape's like devi kroelle's bag though
  4. I have that bag (Bianca style) in pink; bought for $60! :yahoo: I think the quality of the leather is excellent. I thought the bag was going to be too big on my 5'2.75" frame, but it wasn't.
  5. It looks cool. And what a great price too!
  6. I like it!
  7. that is a great bag. really nice. thanks for the new designer.
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